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How to make a 1billion Backlinks?

By HelpHero • Last updated on Feb 05, 2024

How to make a 1billion Backlinks?

On 1BillionLinks, You can make an order with just a few dollars!

First, log in to your account by submitting your email address, and password, then click on the Sign-in icon.

👉 To make your order, you need to do the following:

Step 1: From the Dashboard page, select new campaigns for Billions links.

You will be directed to choose your plan.

Choose the plan that you want to order, and Then fill in the requirements

  1. Project Name: Insert your project name related to your site niche.

  2. Links: Insert Your site links one link per line. Note: You can add your Tier 1 backlinks here to order Tier-2 backlinks (Recommended), you can add your website link directly to order Tier-1 backlinks.

  3. Keywords: Insert Your Keywords to be used to build backlinks. One keyword per line.

Note: We’ll use keywords with the links randomly while creating your backlinks.
Once you have completed all the required fields, click on "Make Order" to get your order ready.