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How can I choose my topic?

Your article can be just a general announcement of your business, talking about your Service and its benefits. It can be any newsworthy topic, such as a new product or service you just launched. ADDITIONAL PRESS RELEASE TOPICS: - New product or service or use of - New website or significant upgrade - New business or location - Making a charitable contribution - Starting a new sister company - Receiving an award or reporting an accomplishment or endorsement - Celebrating an important company anniversary (e.g. 5 years in business) - Opening a new office or relocating your office - Changing the company name - Changing a product name - Signing a large, well-recognized client - Hosting a seminar or teleseminar - Sponsoring an event or team - Partnering with another business or organization - Hiring a new executive, personnel change, or changing ownership of the company - Developing a new technology or unique procedure for your industry - Rebranding or reorganizing your business - Hosting a major contest or promotion - Announcing special events - Offering internship program or scholarship - Hosting a tour of your facilities - New certifications and credentials achieved by your staff - Providing pro bono work - Launching a referral rewards/affiliate program - Speaking at a conference or event - Taking major steps to go “green” - Filing or Being Awarded a Patent - Merger or acquisition or expansion - Celebrating an important milestone (e.g. one-thousandth customer) - Exhibiting at a trade show - Securing business funding or credit (e.g. VC or angel investment)

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